DarkRP what are the names of these addons

I need some help getting these addons but I don’t know the names of them. If you know the names please reply. Thanks

  1. The addon adds a lockpick that you place on the door and it blows the door off. When you place it it looks like a lock and has a countdown timer on it. When the timer hits 0 it creats a small explosion blowing the door off.

  2. The addon adds a keypad cracker that is placed on the keypad. Once the keypad cracker is place on the keypad you can move away from it the keypad cracker displays random numbers when placed on a keypad it falls down and can be picked back up once it cracks the code.

  3. This addon adds the ability to blow up doors with explosives meaning you can fire a rocket into the door and the door will blow off. The door respawnes after some time.


  1. https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/661/ ???
  2. https://scriptfodder.com/scripts/view/241
  3. http://coderflow.co.uk/scripts/view/54 some simple editting with this and you’ll be able to do it with any weapon.

Thanks but the first one looks like a lock and is actually an item you have in your hands and then place it on the door by pressing rightclick on the door while having it in your hand

The first one is the door buster from mad cow’s weapons.

It was on Coderhire I believe

lol he asked for exploding doors off not a shotgun blast hehe

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I may be able to find or create this addon for you (owner of the thrid addon)

Thanks you guys I have found all the addons I need.