DarkRP:What do i need for it?

I just got the dark rp gamemode is there anything else that i need for it
i have prop protection and a admin system what else do i need?

You don’t necessarily “need” much else if you got those sort of thing, but some useful things for it are:

DurgzMod 2.2
Adv. Duplicator
Wire Mod
Keypad cracker (I don’t think it’s included in Dark RP bundle)

And anything else that would be good like custom jobs and what not.

Durgzmod whould crash me
Adv dupe i have that
Wiremod sucks and i dont need it
keypad cracker now i have it
getting custom jobs

Sheesh, he’s just helping you.

Wiremod doesn’t suck if you know how to use it, it’s pretty advanced.

I will agree though that it is server heavy (being about 3.5k files), but some people will want Wiremod.

If Durgzmod crashes you, I don’t think you should be hosting o.o…

You only need about elevel ten year old admins with the ability to flame over nothing.

No but seriously keep it with things like wiremod. Wiremod is very popular.

im not a fan of wiremod and any person below the age of 15 does not get admin unless the 11 year old is mature but when is a 11 year old ever mature

Oh well. It was long ago I actually played it, maybe I should stop following the stereotype…
Walks into a DarkRP server
Runs out
I stick to it.

Get a weapons mod, the default CS:S weapons and HL2 weapons are overpowered.
If you can, try customise your DarkRP gamemode a bit, distinguishes it from other servers running DarkRP.

Wiremod for RP servers is horrible. Don’t add it.
Add something uniqie or interetesting in your server.
Don’t add stupid jobs such as Terrorist, Any form of (para)military, no alien/animals, no bounty hunters or hitmen, delete the gangsters and mob boss. - They just cause RDM, plus Gangster can be RPed as citizen.