DarkRP Whitelisted Models?

Yo! So, is there any list out there that I can look at the see the props that I need to white list? Thanks guys!

Instead of making 69 threads everyday wanting help with DarkRP you could visit their forums sometime, p sure everything you’ve asked for has already been answered there.

Anyways, imo, instead of blocking 100000000000 props you should just enable the FPP setting ‘The blocked models lists is a white list’ – Then from there just whitelist every prop you think you’re going to use.

Did you not read the OP at all? Matter of fact, did you not even read the damned title? If you would have then you would’ve seen that I didn’t say blacklisted item list.

Go ahead, search any of my posts’ questions. Goodluck finding it :slight_smile: whether on this website or on their website.

Oh yeah, why the hell do you think there is a damned “Developer Discussion” along with a “Help!” post icon? I wonder

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Next time - give some constructive input. No one wants to get excited about a new post on their forums, hoping to be someone actually giving advice… But it’s someone posting something that has nothing to do with the post at all.

  1. This is the wrong place. This is developer discussion. If you wanted help with developing an addon that did this, then that would have been okay. However I know that’s not what you want, because I ‘read the damned title’.

  2. This is specific to Dark RP, so either put it in the Dark RP help thread, or on the Dark RP forums.

  3. You have made 3 posts asking the same question.

  4. FPP handles both cases. You either set the models you want blocked, or you change the config setting and make it a whilelist, and then only add the blocks you want to be allowed. The second poster was right.
    Don’t be a twat.**

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Hold on, I’ve just ‘read the damned op’ again, what do you mean ‘see the props that* I need to *white list’ - It’s your choice what you whitelist.

He is looking for a list that is already made because he is too lazy to go through all of the props and whitelist them himself. That’s what he is trying to say.

Thanks - I just got that after posting :stuck_out_tongue: But his other thread is asking how to block models as well :confused:

What I think happen:

How to make a whitelist in DarkRP:
In Utilities -> Falco’s Prop Protection -> Tick the box that says blacklist is a whitelist.
Then add models that’s allowed.

Also mark the other thread as solved.

I’m looking for a more convenient way to do things.

How do you expect new things to be developed if you continue doing things the same way? I’m done with this thread. I found a way to do it.