DarkRP will simply not let me pick up guns.

Well I’ve switched my weapons from the crappy css weapons that came with darkRP to CSS Realistic weps 4 and I can’t get my freaking weapons to work. They spawn, they don’t float, but you just can’t pick them up. Yes, rp_licence is set to 0, and I’ve tried setting it to 1 in case I had it backwards, tried checking the guns off, so it doesn’t seem to be the problem.

I’ve also been going through lines of LUA code, and I can’t find any reason why the weapons can’t be picked up.

Spawning the weapons works fine, as classes that start with any of the weapons will work exactly as intended. I’ve even added a “Dead Ringer” swep and I’ve gotten that to be pick-upable.

I’m running what I’m pretty sure is the latest DarkRP.

So… any suggestions? I’ve never learned LUA code but I do understand it because I’ve been learning Java in school for 1 1/2 years now, which has helped me with coding a ton, so hit me with any LUA fixes you might have.


Holy hell, calm down people, the world isn’t about to end y’know /sarcasm /jk

What do you have on your server as far as addons? I’ve heard of a similar issue pertaining to Assmod and/or conflicting prop protections. Try pruning your server of unessential addons.

I have ULX and a few other things that I need, but I’ll try removing shit I don’t need… see how it works…


Nevermind, a simple reinstall of DarkRP did the trick.