DarkRP with cars, inventory, events!


Come join ZF’s DarkRP Server.
IP :
24/7 - hosted from UKGame.
Slots : 22

**We got cars : **
A regular Police Car
A Police Truck
A SWAT Enforcer
A Blue Corvette
A White Golf
And two GTA cars.

Some custom made jobs, like Thief, Rebel, Rebel Leader, Police Officer, Police Commander, and a few more I can’t remember.

Latest DarkRP SVN Version, Door Groups for Mayor, Government, Rebels, Rebel Leader.

Inventory, works to pick up shipments and weapons, will save between crashes and if you leave.


The server is pretty new, thats why we don’t have users on the forum yet.
You could register, but join the server and give it a try!

Also we are often having events, like :
Zombie Invasion
Raid the Combines
Rescue Breen
With money/Donator status as reward!

Consider joining, you won’t regret it!

so whats special with this darkrp?

Yeah,how is this different from the 1000 other DarkRP servers out there?


First of all, I know its very many DarkRP servers, but I haven’t seen many with both inventory or cars. Not because its hard to add.

I made this because I’m sure some people would enjoy roleplaying with cars, and a inventory.

Also, I know the jobs might be a little mingy, but don’t worry. I have two very good admins, both of them often playing. Not abusing in any way.

like 95% of the darkrp servers that appears on this site uses the inventory addon or cars.

more like 5%

Zombie invasion… i think it would be better if it was somekind of epidemic without npc zombies. So people would roleplay as insane infected ones, like in Left 4 Dead. Just an idea.

Steals idea, then misplaces it somewhere and forgets all about it.


I have no idea.

Great idea!
Do you mean some sort of addon that makes them infected, or they just roleplay infected?

Also, please keep it to the topic.



Yea. I might install some sort of RP zombie gamemode, not DarkRP.
Or Fallout RP but with Cider, what you think aobut that?
Cider, remaede jobs so it’ll be like Fallout, Fallout models and such.