DarkRP with Custom Guns and Shipments

This is my recreation of DarkRP 2.3.5 and the CSS realistic weapon shipments for it. Neither of the two original files are mine, but I used them as the base for this mod. The weapons in the mod are substantially stronger, as I modified them to reflect their caliber. I also made the CSS realistic shipments more expensive than the regular shipments, as they are many times stronger, have more firepower, or are just all around better. My goal is to have the minges(noobs) not waste their money on cheap guns and go RDM’ing, but actually save up and not annoy everyone else on the server. Enjoy!

Download: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=83004 This is the modified DarkRP and the Modern Gun Shipements.

Modifications from DarkRP 2.3.5

Increased Bite damage for pets to 20
Increased Deagle to 1 hit K.O., as it fires a .50 Caliber round and increased it’s recoil
Increased M4 damage to 40, as it fires a 5.57mm NATO round
Increased MP5 damage to 33
Increased FiveSeven damage to 33
Increased Glock damage to 33
Increased P228 damage to 25
Decreased Mac10 damage to 25 and decreased recoil 30%

P.S. Keendos, who is me, made these, and this is the original post. All others are copies of my work copied by lazy people.
Also, Let me know if you want any more guns edited or shipments added. I am currently working on WW2 shipments for this.

Sorry to say but this will lead to mingeing…Prices are way to low for public people being able to change to that job to buy them.

No, I am going to keep it the same. If the minges are minging, as they always are, then they wont be able to afford the guns for long. Plus they’ll get banned. Thes eprices are completely fair.

P.S. Hey guys, tomarrow, I will probably release my WW2 shipments. From now I will just be doing add ons to this though. Around Tuesday-ish, expect a lock, unarrest baton, and arrest baton shipments. This will even it out between the cops and the gangsters. I might even include a HAX gun shipment for like 1,000,000, but dont get your hopes up.

let people set their own prices


Good point, if you don’t like these prices, set your own. If you don’ know how, ask me.

I think I can prove that this was thrown together rather quickly.


You asked 6 hours ago how to make shipments.

Have you even tested this?

Yes, I have tested this. The reason I asked is because I knew how to make shipments, but they weren’t working. I finally figured out, thanks to a friend, that my directory’s for the gun info were wrong. But thank you for your concern. I already had these made, as well as the new releases i just released.

You should get portal gun shipments. just for fun…