Darkrp works in single but not multiplayer?

hello guys my svn version of darkrp 2.4.1 works perfectly in single player but once i put it onto my hosted dedicated server the hole things screws up. f4 menu dont work Q dont work an i cant guy any doors laso tools dont work these are my errors:
DataStreamClient: Unhandled stream DarkRP_PlayerVar!Warning: Unhandled usermessage ‘FRecieveGlobalInt’

:1: attempt to call global ‘ChangeJobVGUI’ (a nil value)

please help :confused:

Wrong Selection.

This is the… third time you’ve posted this same question?

First of all, clear your server of all addons besides the defaults and DarkRP. If your problem is solved, then DarkRP is conflicting with one of your addons. Use the method of trial and error to figure out which mod is causing this error. Either that or only add the essentials to the server.

wrong section

You need CS content

I have CS content and it still dont work

Then im sorry i cant help :frowning:

rcon the command ‘gamemode_reload’ and paste the output here.