DarkRP - Worldsave!?

Hey there,
i just wanted to ask if there is any possibillity to save some props and objects on a DarkRP map?
We are playing realy often on our own server and it’s annoying that we always have to place some objects we always need.
especially in the police station.

Is there a rcon console command or an addon that allowes us to save some things?

Thx for help!

Put this in lua\autorun\server\ and create a new file (props.lua) for example. Don’t forget the extension.

local ThingsToSpawn = {
{"models/props_borealis/bluebarrel001.mdl", Vector(670, 220, -80), Angle(0, 0, 0)}, -- Type 'getpos' in console to get the position and angle of yourself. First 3 numbers are for the vector, following 3 numbers for Angle. Don't forget to add a comma after every line!
{"modelpathhere_2", Vector(0, 50, 0), Angle(0, 90, 0)},


function SpawnMyProps()
	for k, v in pairs(ThingsToSpawn) do
		local myprop = ents.Create("prop_physics")
		myprop:SetModel( v[1] )
		myprop:SetPos( v[2] )
		myprop:SetAngles( v[3] ) 
hook.Add("InitPostEntity", "ImnotverycreativewithhooknamessoInitPostEntity", SpawnMyProps)

does this will save everything we built? but thanks! i will try it

No it wont.

It won’t, as ms333 said. This script will spawn all the models you’ve inputted in the table (ThingsToSpawn at the top of the script).

where do i get all the coordinates and stuff ? and does it safe walding? :S please help ^^ i have no idea how this works :smiley:

Read the commenting. And no, it’s doesn’t weld.

ok thanks, and there is no other solution? that saves welding and material and color etc… ? :confused:
i want to save everything like in singleplayer

You could, but why don’t you just use Advanced Duplicator to spawn all your stuff when you need it ?

I want to edit the policestation and add shelves special lights and make it look more “combine like”,
this is a lot of work to rebuild it every time and using advanced duplicator would be annoying too

does it save material and weld?

Why do you need to save weld?

I don’t want other people to move the props

They are made world props if you use the provided workshop addon. Meaning only admins can touch them - and that can be restricted in FPP settings.

ah, now i see thx alot <3 :smiley:
is it also possible to make Textscreens permanently?

Hold C, right click on the textscreen

This guy didn’t fully explain^

Hold C, right click on the textscreen and make it a perma-textscreen. For a prop hold C right click on the prop and make it persistent.

thank you guys :stuck_out_tongue: