DarkRP "You are unable to *anyjobhere* banned/demoted"

I have just restarted my Gmod server after a small config.lua change and now im getting this error when I try to change to any job:
You are unable to Gangster banned/demoted

Any ideas on how to fix this?

You have been demoted by the server or an admin/moderator has banned you from that class for abuse/mining. Go to the server’s forums and complain there.

It’s his own server…

That’s the point…

Is no one reading the thread? OP is saying that he made some edits to HIS DarkRP server, and sub sequentially, he is unable to join or vote any jobs. DonutGirl didn’t read the post and assumed that he was banned from the job on a server that wasn’t his.

You might get better results if you posted in help in support.

You’ll definitely get better results if you post any and all Lua errors (Not sure about client, but definitely server), as well as the changes you mentioned.

Thanks for support guys. I just made a huge derp in the config.lua file…
All solved now!

I got the same problem and what should I do to fix it??
I have checked the setting on Config.lua file… but still cannot find the solution please help!!

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Wrong category of the original thread, and now necrobump. Good job trashing up forums.

Should’ve posted this in the help sub-forum, or eventually directly in the DarkRP forum, since its DarkRP related…

Also hello Chiz o/