Darkrp (zombierp) community donations question

Currently i run a community named PieBald… ext

I have seen a lot of people lately rag on darkrp as more of a “business” server instead of a community thing.
(people only start them to make money)

I was wondering if my current donation “perks” would fall under this category.

I do not NEED donations for my server (i have a real life job that pays real money)
but it helps out a bit in tight spots to keep the server running and pay for scripts/ coders to script something when i don’t feel like/ have time to do it myself

I have NEVER gotten more than 50$ in donations in a month (unless you count an unban donation from 4 years ago where the player just got banned again 2 days later (i actually talked to the kids parents about it and told them that if he kept breaking the rules after i unbanned him he would be rebanned))

Here is a link to my donate page i am not trying to advertise my community i just want some feedback


Rate winner for no the donation perks are not “money grabbing”
Rate boxes for yes they are “money grabbing”

If this violates the rules please let me know i’m on here alot and will remove links

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if you rate dumb please explain why you think it is money grabbing

I dont really see much ‘‘money grab’’ here. Unless ofcourse the premium points is used for special OP weapons or stuff. Other then that the prices are mighty fine I will say.

pointshop points is only for cosmetic items and there will be an experience boost soon

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possibly a money boost as well

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and i would NEVER sell staff positions though donating makes you look better when applying (shows you are willing to contribute to the community)
I believe staff should be paid, not the other way around. but because i can not afford to pay staff there are a few things that only staff can use (E2 mainly)

There should be no reason to donate for In-Game Money.

I hope you still don’t follow the practice of unban donations.
Because that is the most stupidest thing ever.

You are accepting money for something virtual, not sure how you could say this is anything else then money grabbing. You said you don’t even need donations so I am so you shouldn’t even do donations.

This is completely a cash grab system, dont take me wrong it doesnt make you a bad person it just needs re formatted. First of all:

Real Money =/= In-Game Money
No matter how you look at it, money should always be earned in-game as it gives the player something to do and keeps the server populated.

And even with this current system you have minimal dollar amounts for small amounts of in-game cash, it just seems un-natural and even if you pay for the server out of pocket it seems like a desperate attempt for change at a time.

If I were you, get rid of the minimal donation amount and set up donation packages that not only make it worth the user’s money, but make it easier to obtain in-game cash since these current packages are set up.

so would you suggest say a
pointshop item that increases money earned payed for with PP?

I don’t NEED the money to run the server. But i am more likely to spend time coding new things / hiring coders to code new things. if i had a small amount of extra money coming in (i am not rich by any means)

Removed the money buying.
will add premium pointshop points based on amount spent

I’d say that if you want to stray from whats currently going on in any populated darkrp gmod server. You’ll want to start off coding your own things and try not to offer any ingame advantages for money. If you want to do even better you could even code your own ingame store to buy ingame cosmetic items for real world cash.

I want to stray from the pay to win mentality darkrp servers have set up in the gmod community,
I want to stray from the money grabbing from 12yos and actually have something that is fun.

For the first time in almost 3 years i roleplayed on my own server yesterday and enjoyed it.

all the “populated” darkrp servers are really only that way bc they offer paid ranks generally. and once you spend money on a server that is the only one you really want to be on.

EXACTLY thats what i thought