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Introduction:Why I am making this. I am making this DarkRP role play guide for all the people who need help on being a good role player in DarkRP. Because after playing for a while I have noticed that there are alot of bad role players. So I decided to make this. So if you are a bad role player or are just interested in learning to role play better then please continue to read this tutorial.

What We Will Cover:Various Topics that Will Be Covered - How to Be a Cop - What is the difference between a good Role Player and a bad Role Player - How to Play Mayor - How to Play Gangster/Mob boss - Various Commands - Simple Things That Make You A Good Role Player - The New Life Rule - Playing as the Gun Dealer - Playing as a Citizen

What is the Difference Between A Good and Bad Roleplayer:That differences are what make us special First off is the differences between a good role player and a bad role player. So lets start a list: - A bad role player comes into the game wanting to make everyone else have a bad time. - A bad role player Death Matches (Kills without a reason) - A bad role player doesn’t do his job (Ex. You are a cop and you are stealing and arresting for no reason.) - A good role player comes into a server and trys to have fun and not ruin other peoples days. - A good role player does not death match and kills with a reason. - A good role player does his job (Ex. Gun dealer sells guns to people and not just) - A good role player respects the server rules (Ex. The New Life Rule)

Playing The Cop:Are you a good Cop or Bad Cop? So now we are to the job of Cop. So you want to be a cop, and uphold the law? Stop the baddies from dealing drugs on your street? Well then when being a cop you always want to be fair in DarkRP. This means don’t do random searches. That means don’t say I am doing searches. You actually need a reason like mabey you saw the person carrying drugs or a illegal weapon, or it could be that there is a massive mob uprising at the moment so you are searching for weapons so the streets are safer. Now when you are a cop you want to be a good one right? Well if you see someone doing something illegal you arrest, you do not kill. Remember cops don’t kill for just lock picking a door. They arrest, now it is different if you are trying to arrest them and they wip out a gun then it is time to unholster your gun and find cover and call for backup. Also most servers do not allow “crooked” cops. Which means don’t say you saw nothing for some bribe money. Now Bail is different, you can let people post bail for usually a fair price.

Popular Commands as a Cop: - /votecop - /chief - /warrant (This is a custom command I think.) - /wanted

Playing Mayor:Now the city is under your control So now you own the city. Now it is time to make some laws, which means you want to make some fair laws. Some fairs laws would consist of weapon weilding. Such as no running through the streets with a weapon. You could also make laws such as no automatic weapons for civilians unless they have a license. Which you can sell to them for a reasonable price. Now a good mayor would make a lockdown when they link the city is in trouble, in a lockdown the cops will usually arrest anyone on the street if you tell them to do that.
Popular Commands as a Mayor: - /votemayor - /lockdown - /unlockdown

Playing as a Gangster/Mobboss:You are a criminal D: ! So you want to be a mobboss? Bring crimes to the server you are at, be a hitman, rob stores, and do other illegal activities? Well there are a few things I should tell you about the mob. The mob isn’t a DM class. It is a Organized Crime Syndicate which means that it is planned stuff. You rob, kill, and do other stuff with a reason. So as a gangster you want to have drug labs and do hits and mabey a few robberies.

Playing the Gun Dealer:Selling your guns :smiley: Basically as a gun dealer you want to set up a shop and sell your guns.
Popular Commands as Gun Dealer: - /buyshipment
Tip: Make sure that you have lots of money before being a gun dealer and also make fair prices.

Playing as Citizen:So your the working class lol? :smiley: So you are a citizen. Well basically you live life. So let me clear this up. If you get mugged you pay the people you don’t just say kill me. That is bad RP. Also you don’t become a vigilante. That is just newbish.

Tips From the Pros:
New Life Rule:What?!? The new life rule is a rule where if you die you forget what you saw and who killed you, even for natural causes. Also, you cannot go back to the spot you died for 3 minutes!

Here is the current and updated version of darkrp!


Darkrp is bad and it will always be bad. You can’t help it an this point.

I mean Dark RP has always been kinda bad, but more recently its become pure shit. The new players don’t know what to do, so there’s little to no organization/creativity or whatever. It feels so bland.

I think if you want to do serious rp, go play PERP or HL2RP or something. Those can be really boring but at least its got some liveliness to it.

Its been a while since I last played DarkRP, but isn’t this basically the hint menu when you hit F2 or something?

Sadly, there is not. If it did exist, no one would ever use it.

This is just for players who want to download darkrp on thier server. We all understand how shitty it has become but if people want to download it, they should at least know.

wait wait i thought this was a gamemode but

it was even worse.

but seriously fuck darkrp

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i just realized you like typed everything in CamelCasing what the actual fuck are you even doing donutgirl

Please god no, not again.

Oh and LauScript

Great change you did there?


He was arguing a point that DarkRP Does not prevent gamemode varieties from being created.

what lebofly said and me saying fuck darkrp is my personal opinion, it always has been. so nothing has changed. both the post in this thread and in the other thread are completely different points, i don’t see anywhere in my other post me stating i like darkrp. please use your brain no matter how small it may be, before you post. thanks.

It is great that you posted the GitHub. However, a noob like me might not know where to actually download the files. Give them this link instead: https://github.com/FPtje/DarkRP/archive/master.zip

That completely defeats the purpose of git.