Hello I have a Darkrp server but i would like to know what kinda jobs people like for rp i also offer lua coding for anyone who is really desperate but i can only make jobs and shipments.

Sorry to say, but lua coding isn’t adding jobs and shipments, it’s modification.

Only two classes.
Citizen and cop.
Delete gangster, gun dealer, mob boss. And there you are! You got a nice set up to RP.

This is an uninformative, uninspired, and uninteresting post, if you want people to join your server tell us why it stands out from the other hundreds of DarkRP servers.

I had that in my “How to get DarkRP better” notes D:

Tell me just one reason of why I will go to your DarkRP server.

I’d really like to see a server where it works like that.

i know what ur gettin at ;P…really tho

There needs to be a citizen class, a cop class and a mayor class. Shipments aren’t really needed, in fact, if you are using Downtown, which I assume you are for DarkRP, get rid of the /buypistol or disable it, and have a trusted team that can run the gunshop for the whole server. No shipments, just honest pistols.

Cops don’t need super overpowered rifles, a pistol and an SMG would be adequate.

These suggestions are easy to do, even if you don’t know LUA, as there are programs to effectively modify DarkRP classes


OR if you don’t want to download:


Both of the flash classmakers are out of date (FPtje’ was made for 2.3.1, and the other one was made for 2.3.5). Both of the PHP versions are quite well up to date (you find one in the link of the op, and mine somewhere farther down).

I really hate when people makes a lot of custom classes. Why the fuck there is a /job command then?

For fuckwads to call themselves “Hitman” and constantly murder CPs and Mayors by saying it was a “hit”.

Not all of them are bad, I was talking to this guy Melheck to kill the Police Cheif for arresting me when I tried to help the cops capture some propblocking murderers by glitching a massive fence inside.

I made an edit to darkRP, it was literally about 3 hours before the SVN updated and converted them all into custom class format, I wasn’t amused.

Some people want to be stalkers…like me.

Do a motherfucking /job stalkah then.

Not the same without a crowbar and grappling hook.

Buy one from the local weapons dealer then, adding extra jobs is pointless when you can get the additional resources through RP.