Hey, looked around abit but i couldnt find a problem solver :expressionless:

The problem i have in DarkRP is that every job class gets to buy weapons, its only 5 difrent weapons, but i dont want any classes except Gun dealer to be able to buy weapons of any kind from the F4 menu.

And there is another “problem”. Where the job characters (pictures) are at, i want the job pictures to be a tiny bit smaller, so u dont have to scroll 10 miles down to find a job u want. I have no idea where and how to edit this, so a guide would be awsome!

A third thing aswell :smiley: I currently only have one money printer, but i would like to have another one, i see on difrent servers that they have a bigger money printer aswell, a guide for this would be realy nice aswell.

This is it for now =)


For the first one, open up addshipments.lua, and make sure to add TEAM_GUN to the required team for all default weapons.

For the second one, open up showteamtabs.lua:477, and set
to whichever size you want. I’d recommend a setting around 90, or if you want even smaller, 30.

For the third one, you would need to crack open the code of the existing money printer, and make another one based on the preexisting code.

Alright, thanks alot for your help, works fine so far =)

Warlizzard, open up the code to the money printer and find where it defines the model it is using change it to what ever you want. Then SAVE AS a new file and add it in

I got another question now. Ive just made a PC technican job, the job itselfe works fine, but im not able to figure out how to add hes weapons.

theese are the enteties/weapons i need it to spawn with.

Weapon: pcmod_installdisk
pcmod_network tester

Anyone have a clue ?

figured out that there are commands for this mod, but i want only the TEAM_TEC to be able to purchase and use this items, how can i restrict them for TEAM_TEC only?

Why not just ask the NG clan for their Derp Warlizzard?

[lua]{“pcmod_installdisk”,“pcmod_network tester”,“pcmod_wireswep”,“pcmod_hdcopier”,“pcmod_unwireswep”}[/lua]

For the weapons