Plzz help me with this problem! How do i activate darkrp on my server? i got it downloaded on gamemodes. (its a dedicated server) And how do i make myself darkrp admin

Download an admin mod, (such as:ULX,ASS MOD ) edit the files in the mod so that it will recognize you as an admin.

After that upload the mod to the server and change the gamemode and the map as you choose.

hope i helped. :smug:

You didn’t.

Edit you’re command line, and put +sv_defaultgamemode darkrp
Edit you’re server.cfg, and put sv_defaultgamemode darkrp.

If server is up when this happens, type:

rconpassword (password)
rcon changegamemode (map) darkrp

As for you’re second question, if you have an older version, edit admins.lua and add yourself. Or maybe the file was called admin.lua

Not helped me very much XD

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