Need a Good DarkRP gamemode

DarkDM is a gamemode, make your own edition. (Don’t try to host it because nobody will play on it. We have enough darkdm servers)

Hurf durf DarkDM :downs:. Nobody plays the second most popular gamemode of Gmod :downs:.

Here’s the DarkRP thread:

You can get DarkRP there. You can customize it all you like too.

Play GangWars ^^

Hurp. I hate Dark DM too! GMOD RP is sooooo much better.

Seriously… Cut it out. We get people rdm, you don’t hear some of us calling TTT, “NAZIGAMERSANDASSOCIATES” when it comes to propkilling and having fun.

I’d say that DarkRP tries too hard.
It tries to be something it’s not, and the person currently maintaining it obviously doesn’t enjoy actual roleplay, he much rather enjoys prop surfing and running around as 10 000+ custom classes that aren’t even necessary. Surely it’s possible to RP properly with DarkRP, but its reputation is shit. It attracts mingy players and encourages players to get a hold of weapons.

That’s besides the point. If people enjoy propkilling, then why do so in an RP server?

Anyway, as FPtje said you can get DarkRP from that thread, although be prepared for a massive shit storm if you intend to advertise a server running it on here.

If you’re interested in a base wars gamemode with tons of classes, then sure, go right ahead and use it, but if you’re interested in gathering together a good playerbase that sincerely want to RP, have some alternatives:



Xperia why did you ban avoid?

Sir, we server owners do not prop surf. We noclip abuse or hitpos teleport abuse!
Get your facts right :wink:

I was talking about the fact that FPtje supports prop surfing in RP, he says that it’s something that everyone should do and something he encourages whenever he goes on a DarkRP server.

Yea I know, I have to convince my admins not to ban him :smiley:

Not seen him on our servers in ages, mind … He get’s bored and leaves or banned for prop-surfing anyway.

Prop surfing is fucking great. Its minge status should be taken away. Prop surfing in itself harms no one.

Until said prop rams a citizen you didn’t see if trying to surf in tunnels.

Doesn’t FPP, which comes with DarkRP, disable anyone getting hurt from it, though?

Propclimbing aswell… I get really aggravated that people find Propclimbing/Propsurfing bad.

And there’s a few times when it’s actually useful for RP, like if you want your character to climb down a drainpipe, or pull himself over a wall.

Not anymore. It was a shit functionality for several reasons.

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In DarkRP you have a physgun. Therefore you roleplay that you have this physgun. Using it to prop surf can still be considered roleplay. It’s using the items you have to your advantage.

That said DarkRP isn’t realistic RP, so why not.

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You can’t hurt anyone with a prop that you’re holding. Unless the props has other props constrained to it or unless you’re actually throwing the props they won’t get hurt.

Tiramisu , And make your own edit, A-W-E-S-O-M-E

Make an ArmyRP\FalloutRP\Real Life RP \ HL2RP

DarkRP is shitty,its not RP , its deathmatch,because the commuinty are so bad.

There is not one DarkRP community. There are plenty individual communities that run their servers on DarkRP.
It’s not Deathmatch RP, it’s non-serious RP.

lol barkley , ill be creating a darp rp server with a twist for tranq , contact me on steam or just wait till gwars is up then talk to me on there about it

What i mean its that Dark RP most player , are dont know how to play RP,in the most DarkRP Servers there are 2 rule’s,RDM\NLR

If i will host a DarkRP Server i will make him serious , good admins,Rp lessons for newbie’s.