Im having a problem with darkrp the models download from my fastdl correctly, we can see the models when playing as them but the icon for the job is a error how do you fix this below is my jobs

TEAM_hitman = AddExtraTeam("Hitman", Color(55, 55, 55, 255), "models/player/combine_super_soldier.mdl", [[Your job is to kill people that are given hits from a another player minium charge is $500]], {"knife"}, "hitman", 1, 60, 0, false, false)
TEAM_wire = AddExtraTeam("WireTech", Color(50, 0, 150, 255), "models/player/custom/aphaztechs.mdl", [[Use your awesome wire skills to make people stuff for money!]], {}, "wiretech", 3, 60, 0, false, false)
TEAM_pctech = AddExtraTeam("PCTech", Color(200, 30, 0, 255), "models/player/custom/suits/male_07.mdl", [[Create computers and chat servers for people!]], {}, "pctech", 3, 60, 0, false, false)
TEAM_manager = AddExtraTeam("Appartment Manager", Color(50, 0, 150, 255), "models/player/custom/group01/hairybs.mdl", [[Rent/Sell the appartment building!]], {}, "manager", 1, 80, 0, false, false)
TEAM_thief = AddExtraTeam("Thief", Color(50, 0, 150, 255), "models/player/alyx.mdl", [[Rob peoples houses and shops! Thiefs can not raid togethor]], {"keypad_cracker", "lockpick"}, "thief", 1, 80, 0, false, false)

Have each client refresh the spawn icon in the sandbox q menu by finding the model, right clicking, and selecting refresh (or something along those lines).