DarkRPG Stats and Weapon Unlocks System (DarkRP Leveling)

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This looks like a really well designed and modeled system. I really like the idea and this is actually perfect for what I have been looking for.

I will check it out tomorrow! I am really excited.

Thanks, I spent about 5 days working on this and got asked by Delta Grox wanted to immediately implement it on the Grox Gaming Kingdom RP server. I have been monitoring it, and it appears to be stable on servers with upto about 60ish players, I’m actually waiting to see it max out at 80/80 players.

The only thing I’ve discovered about it, is when you turn it on it causes frames to drop on the client side if you are using a really old computer. A couple of people reported it lowers FPS who are using 7-8 year old computers and it tanks performance on my 2008 era 200 dollar old test laptop.

I would say thats okay because the hook is deleted when you close the UI and this only happens on REALLY old computers, though I would really appreciate feedback on the close for optimization, especially in stats.lua and stats_sv.lua. It runs ALOT of code on player spawn so I need to continue to optimize it.

ALSO, the stat names, and everything is renamable and customizable and supports custom character sheet backgrounds. Its designed to work with Sci Fi, regular City RP, DayZ type themes, Fantasy or really anything.

You can also add VIP unlocks weapons to every class even if the class is not VIP to technically make EVERY class a VIP.

Ill be your first tester :slight_smile:

It works well, but complaints of FPS issues were too much for me to retain it on the server. I like the script and the concept is very nice. Keep up the work!

Do the issues persist when you toggle the HUD off in game using F2?

At some point next week I can try to see if I can create a low quality mode because the color coding for the text requires there to be about +100 draw texts and I can’t figure out how to add custom colors in the same line.

I can make the lower quality mode run with only 20 of them and experiment with other ways of reducing FPS lag.

This is some beautiful work, everything seems to work together extremely well, hopefully this will actually attract a player or two to my server :).

The only issue is that I can’t seem to edit the jobstats of any of my jobs other than civilian.

It’s extremely strange as my syntax looks fine.


I can’t seem to add new jobs that will work with this. I get the title of the new job, but the weapon unlocks are blank and the stats are from the default. Even if I copy them straight out of a default class that works just fine. Is there a different command apart from: DarkRPG.createJobStats({ if the class isn’t in the default list?

They are already created in the jobs.lua with: (for example)

TEAM_HITMAN = DarkRP.AddExtraTeam(“Hitman”, {


not bad, a few suggestions:

“prison” skill should be renamed to “bribery” or “underground contacts” or some such
“buy” to “barter” or “bargaining” and possibly split it into 2 skills, one for items and one for shipments

endurance is useless, you pretty much never encounter poison or suffocation damage when playing darkrp
normal resistance should probably only be bullet resistance, otherwise everybody will just max normal and ignore the other damage resist types

I figured it out. The mod only looks at the core files unfortunately. SO, adding things to the jobs. lua doesn’t help. They have to be added to the jobrelated.lua to actually be recognized and work (give weapons at set levels, etc). This would be great to have fixed so people don’t have to mess with the core files… which is a big no-no.