"darkrpmodification" isn't working very well -.-

Hey Community…
i am near to crying :suicide::suicide:

i can’t get “darkrpmodification” to work -.-

i installed the Hud and the F4 Menu of TheCodingBeast.

i set the F4Menu and the HUD to true in the default_disabled file…

but whenever i join the server (after a restart ofc)
the hud and the F4 menu is still that default crap stuff…

please guys help me.

greetings from germany

Are you sure you disabled it in darkrpmodification? You could of did something wrong from the video or did you put the menu code in the wrong spot?

thank you very much for your anser :slight_smile:

but yeah i have set the values to true


Is the default HUD and F4 menu still there, or is it disabled, but the new one isn’t there?

the default stuff is there… but like you see in the post above i set the value to true…

Drag the lua file in tcb_hudv3 into hudreplacement
Drag the lua files in tcb_f4menu into extraf4tab and click replace with both.

And im pretty sure you can leave both f4menu and hud set to false

okay i’ll try :slight_smile:

//edit: nope doesn’t work :frowning:

Ok, the F4 menu is different then my default one. Renable the F4 menu.

That is DarkRP 2.4 not 2.5…
DarkRP Modification only works for DarkRP 2.5 so you will have to update.

Damn! Thanks mate - thank you very much!
i havn’t noticed that. now i know why a lot of stuff isn’t working :smiley:

Greetings from Germany