darkrpmodification issue?

Basically, I’m trying to install some content into darkrp, but most of the changes I make don’t even appear on my server. And, I appear to be getting this error in my console:

Couldn’t include file ‘darkrp_language\chatcommands.lua’ (File not found) (@gamemodes/darkrp/gamemode/libraries/modificationloader.lua (line 90))

There are many more errors, but they are similar, just saying this for various files. It leads me to believe the darkrpmodifications folder isn’t being detected or something.

I need some help ASAP, this issue is holding everything back.

Basically, you are probably installing a mod for an older version of the gamemode.

Well, the content I’m trying to install is for 2.5.0, and I have 2.5.1 . All that was changed in 2.5.1 was a exploit fix, so I doubt it would cause anything to not work.

That’s because the files don’t exist anymore. That, or they are from another addon.

I downloaded darkrp and darkrpmodification from the github, and I did not remove anything. How could they be missing?

I removed one of the addons/content I installed and the errors went away. However, some of the changes I make don’t take place. For example, I disabled the default darkrp hud, and it still shows up.

Anyone know what I can do?