[DarkRPModification Problems] GMod DarkRP

Hey, i put my jobs in jobs.lua but they wont show up :o


Errors? Are you sure DarkRP modification is loading?

Gave this a quick glance and the first things I see that will throw errors are…

L01 Add jobs under the following line:

L19 CustomCheckFailMsg = “This job is for Staff only!”
L20 PlayerSpawn = function(ply) ply:GodEnable() end,}

Line 19, needs a comma at the end. Line 20 should have the comma on the other side of the curly bracket. You should really run this and paste your error logs so we can help you better.
Note: (L01, L19, and L20 are there to indicate the line number.)


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btw my darkmodification folder is called darkrpmodification-master

I send the correction of your file!