DarkRPVars/Disabling DarkRP Reconnect Jail

So I am trying to disable the re-jailing if you leave the jail and re-connect.

I saw something about DarkRP vars but I am not too sure on what I am reading. Anyone have any ideas on how I could do this?

(Search for “arrested”)

DarkRPVars arent persistent as theyre bound to the player object.

If you want it to stay between server restarts save info whether the player left during jail to a database, otherwise if you dont want it to be persistent through restarts you could have a table with players that let while being jailed.

I just want to disable it. I am making my own jail system but it fucks it up if someones leaves while jailed and rejoins within 120 seconds as outlined by FpTje


Make a txt data save?

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Could make that once you join or leave it checks if your “jailed” and if you are and the data value is 1 it will take you to jail?

Maybe read what I posted?

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