Dark's Automatic Hax SWep (Sponsored by: Mr. Hax)

The greatest in anti-hax weaponary, throwing a computer monitor at your enemies!
Kwigg made it first, NECROSSIn modded it, and I made automatic and added a few features.
Rightclick on a NPC makes them say “ZOMG FRIGGIN UNBELIVABLE!!!11!”, not on a NPC makes YOU say “ZOMG HAAAAAX!!!11”
Left click fires your screens. Insta-kill. Friggin. Computer monitors.
SV_Cheats doesn’t need to be on, it doesn;t make much of a diffrence.

Version 1.3:

Ummm no use what so ever, I’d use the original one

Dr. hax is shit and is not funny

You added nothing. Get the fuck out.

It is now automatic.
SV_Cheats doesn’t need to be on, unlike in other versions.
The timescale and motion blur have been shortened so it only occurs if you hold down the mouse button, making it more safe for servers (why you would have it on a server I do not know.)
The code was cleaned up.
When not looking at a NPC, you say “HAX” without throwing a screen.

You added nothing interesting.

I agree. And automatic HAAX SWep = Overpowering and loses its fun.


Why do you use the sound “hacks01.wav” by putting it into sounds/weapons instead of simply using HL²’s default npc/…/hcks01.wav ? Keep redundancy low.

It isn’t meant to be a REAL weapon or anything.
It’s meant for comedy / admin rampages.
That means it’s supposed to be ridiculously overpowered.

I already did this myself, ages ago. I didn’t release it because THERE IS NO POINT. IT REQUIRED THE REMOVAL OF ABOUT 2 LINES OF CODE.

Can you explain how it is “Automatic”

  1. lol@automaticknockoffswepofabadsweptobeginwith
  2. Why did you release this?
  3. FYI It’s “Dr. Hax” Not “Mr. Hax”

Because it’s based of grobov’s what is based off mine and i put the “hacks01.wav” into the sounds folder

I fixed your post.


Grobov’s is based off mine…

Will we ever have weapons / weapon modifications that are not utterly overpowered.

SWEP.Primary.Automatic = true
SWEP.Primary.Delay = 0.1

(I didn’t actually look into the lua file, but that’s pretty much what you did, isn’t it?)

Just why the fuck did you release this?

Last time I say this but it’s not that Dr. Hax isn’t funny, he’s just so fucking overused in crappy knockoffs that the joke has become more than stale. There, I said it.