DarkShadow6's Speed Gun (Changes Game Speed)

Do ya know those matrix scripts with their fancy pants two-button non-changeable (unless you know how :P) key binds? Now any one can speed up and slow down–even nearly stop–any Garry’s Mod server whilst sv_cheats are on! My very first SWEP!
Super Slow-Motion
Super Fast-Motion

Download version 1 (Broken):

Download version

Combine Doesn’t Like His Job
Although it doesn’t look too much diffrent, it’s a three-fourths speed reduction (slow-motion setting).



The sounds fucked it up.
Fixed now, works 100%.
I plan to add a super-hyper mega fast mode for teh lolz.


Any new ideas? I like to make stuff :3

This is actually pretty fun, though its been done too many times.

Yeah this is fucking “brilliant” :rolleyes: Let’s all just have sv_cheats enabled on our servers, nothing could possibly go wrong with that :rolleyes:

Yeah this is pretty shit

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling / why reply?" - mahalis))

I agree.
But you can easily banlaz0r all of the mingebags that do something stupid.

Baha! Owned by the mods.
I think it’s better then those “v to go slow, b to go fast” things. Anyway, in gmod v is noclip and b is my suicide button :stuck_out_tongue:

This doesnt work

It’s the same thing, now with a toolgun!

No really, it’s the exact same.

It’s not even that useful, because you need sv_cheats to be on.

SV_Cheats needs to be on.

Oh well you show me a mod that changes the game speed without SV_Cheats needing to be on.
And I made this because I got tired of the other ones.
EDIT and it’s my very first SWEP! Go easy on me :frowning:

Never mind, I didn’t see the new version.

It’s okay, everyone makes mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, new release!

… Wait, is this just using host_timescale? O_o

No, it does gravity and other things I have forgotten to make it look cooler :stuck_out_tongue:

You really shouldn’t release your first SWEP.

Also, this is made redundant by the fact that it’s terribly easier to use binds.

Yes well unfortunately, most of my keyboard is taken up already.
And I uploaded this because my computer frequently crashes.
Why not get it on facepunch?

'Fraid that won’t work unless it is a listen server (Unless you made a command on the server which can change it, which is exceptionally stupid)