Darksiders Wrath of Wrath models

I was wondering if anyone was working on extracting certain models from the game such as the Watcher, Samael, Vulgrim, or Ruin? I already have War, his pistol, the chaoseater, and death’s scythe so those aren’t necessary.

I’ve already searched this site and several others for them without luck and my ripping skills are next to nothing. Thank you for your time.

EDIT: I apologize for the retarded mistake on the title of the thread. I have yet to get any sleep and needless to say it showed. The title of the game is Darksiders Wrath of War.

Hi guys, anyone tried or know how to get the stuff from .oppc game storage format of the DarkSiders: Wrath of War? I’ve searched on other forums for some tools but found only smoppc-extractor for Warhammer 40.000:Space Marine and of course it didn’t work on Darksiders.

If anyone has any suggestions or knows how to open this format - please tell. :wink: