Why nobody did the models from Darksiders? Especially War?
I think it may be very useful model

The game has been out for a long time,some one should of done it by now.But i support 100 %

It looks like it uses UE3 but it runs on an engine developed by Vigial themselves (aside from Havok). That means that people have to rip the models using 3D Ripper DX (which are hard to re-rig), or they need to reverse engineer the game files to make extracting content possible.

I agree though, it would be awesome to get War with his horse and the Souleater.

It is compatible with 3D Ripper DX. I know since I ripped Chaoseater some time ago:


Although I had to pretty much reposition the UVW maps.

is it possible to found it somewhere?

I don’t believe I’ve released it anywhere.

I’ll compile it for Gmod as a separate prop tomorrow.

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=117355 this one looks like Ruin, doesn’t it?

Yay! :buddy:

Well yeah, that was the idea. :v:

i thought that’s just model from morrowind or somewhere else;P

You could’ve read the thread.

Also, here’s Chaoseater.

I scaled it down a bit to fit with citizens/general HL2 skeleton characters.

thank you!! you are awersome!!

Chaoseater works fine ;D

Well imao there should be a bigger Chaoseater, for the good ol’ “I have a big sword and i’m owning with it” feeling.

Wow its released AWESOME

Damn… You got me interested…
Now I wanna see how well War comes out.

~Ilwrath, what is needed to make a model?

Looks like this thread is dead, so I’ll ask again - is it possible to “steal” models from Darksiders? Not only War of course…

I noticed that recently on facepunch there’s a “miracle time” (MK9,DNF, Portal 2 models) so i think it’s good idea to do something about that game’s models…