Darkstalkers Ragdolls

Has anyone ever thought of doing Darkstalkers ragdolls? I think that would be cool!

I’m sure people have thought of doing them. Those same people probably also think of how they’d need a game with decent 3d models in them to rip. The one attempt I’ve seen of someone modeling Morrigan from scratch turned out…less than stellar.

Maybe Mavel vs Capcom 3?

I would say MVC3 is your best bet, but since we don’t have many SFIV models I’m guessing it’s hard to get stuff from that game.

So, does anyone like Felicia?


Actually the people at the Spriters Resource have gotten all the 2D elementas from MVC3 all ready.

I thought I heard about someone working on a Felicia model awhile back, can’t remember where though.

I think Nexus_Elite was involved. Ask him.

I think it was deviant art. I saw it, too. I made this thread just in case if the maker stopped.

you mean ryu-gi?

dsdxp was gonna port Morrigan from TvC.

hope someone can make models like Morrigan Lei-Lei and if possable Lilith

Eh, it looks okay, but I think people would prefer a port of the existing one from MvC3 rather then this.


Because the official model looks better.

I’m gonna have to agree on this. The official model looks better.

Whatever you say. When I do get her, I’ll have her become the RED Scout’s girlfriend.

Huh. Well at least it won’t mentaly scar BLU Scout.

Sorry. I support RED team. I don’t have the game, but I do have ragdolls of the characters from the game, which I got from garrysmod.org.

I was making a refeence to Meet the Spy, where we find out that (Spoiler Alert!) the BLU Scout’s mom is dating the RED Spy.