Darth Nihilus Model.

Well since i dont know how to contact the author of this Model, I want to ask the community to link me to him or just to help me fixing this model.

I dont know if its me, but the model seem to be pretty fked up. The hands seem to be like broken, the middle of the body (Where the torso and legs hook up) seems to be broken too. They are like separated :S.

Could someone check the model and tell me if its only me or if there is a problem with it and if they can fix it.


PD: The author of this model its Halo4life btw.

Well gotta bump this, I really want this fixed, but without breaking the rules… Here is some content!

The problems with the Ragdoll:

The joints on the hands and hips are fucked up.

The hand models are fucked up too and it doesn’t have finger posing. (I would love if someone could fix this)