Das Boot!

Out of boredom and driven by the fact that no one has built a damn decent submarine yet, I took it upon myself to do so.

So I present… DAS BOOT(The Boat [A U-Boat])


* I have listened to the feedback, and I have fixed the unreal jerky movement with realistic, sluggish and smoothed/slowed ones.
* I have added a nice little roll feature, that when surfaced, the boat will roll back and forth with the swell
* I have completed the deckgun, and torpedo systems
* Added lots of pretty sounds!
* Added crash dive and emergency surface features!
* I made the conning tower more realistic, and painted the keel!

Please note that the current version is buggy as hell, and I should have it up and release worthy by tommorrow. Also, sorry for the terrible video quality, last time I ever use WMM. The video showcases it’s newest features…

It’s decently sized!
It has a fully working holographic periscope!
It has a fully working holographic snorkel!
It uses resources to work!
It keeps perfect depth!
It moves realistically!
It auto balances to make depth maintenance simple and automatic!

I’m going to start working on weapons for this. My older version that I WAS going to release had a deck gun, but I scrapped that because it looked like shit.

Pitch Adjustment - W/S
Forward - Space
Slow and Stop - Shift
Turning - A/D
Periscope - Alt (Toggle)
Snorkel - R (Toggle)

When surfaced, or the tip of the snorkel isn’t submerged, it will use fuel to move. Run out and your stuck with your batteries. Max surface speed is about 15 knots.

When fully submerged without the snorkel, you will start to drain your batteries! Surface or be within snorkel depth to start recharging them. Max submerged speed is about 7 knots.
Future Plans!**
Add weapons
More sounds (Random ambient noise and orders)
Emergency Dive / Blow ballast tanks




There’s a video, plus I don’t want to upload them all. Go to wiremod.com for screens yo.

scary music, nice u boat


I will use this, downloading.

Added torpedo test video in op.

It’s nice to see something well made on the contraptions forum, I’m sick and tired of those SBMP ships that are so “epic”…

Thanks, you’ve made my day. :golfclap:

“nobody has made a damn decent submarine yet”

Have you ever heard of Zeos Pantera and his Red October? Or really any of his subs. But on topic nice sub brah!

Yes we’ve heard about them. Nobody has ever made a damn decent submarine yet.

This looks p cool though. I like it.

not you too…

Can you not go into the main bit of the sub? Super impressed with the torpedo system. Not so much with the iron wheel for a propeller and absolutely no reliance on the physics engine to float or move. Your basically dressing up an E2 with a submarine around it. Could just as easily just spawned that expression and attached it to an iron beam and it would accomplish the same things.

Personally I go for effieciency and performance, even if that includes creating my own “Physics”.
I’d rather have a realistically flying plane (No fin-tool, but can even use holograms to make airlerons, elevators & rudders if I want that), than a realistically operating plane (Fin’s etc…).
I also think many people think this way, but it requires quite some coding knowledge to make something work realistically.

looks nice :v:


I like your sub Mr. OP.
Just awesome, unlike your other stuff (evil evil mwuahahha).


Broke my automerge, bitch!

what e2 did you use? was it the like the one i requested on divrans e2 thread?

and nice sub you got there :smiley:


I love the design, but you should have a mechanical one so to speak. one that takes advantage of the buoyancy and stuff. I remember making a sub that took me hours to balance and stuff but it worked like a dream and i had the satisfaction it was purely mechanical and had no “electronic” bits in it.

Did you remove the upload or has it not been released yet?

I thought you ment