DasBoSchitt models and other

Idk if this is the right place to ask this but…I have looked everywhere for these things and pmed this guy on youtube at least two times, and i still have no awnser as to where he gets these things, and dont tell me he made them himself because i have seen other videos with these things in it. So if anyone could please give me the links to these if they are on a site that would be great.

Idiot box 1:

the dildo model

Idiot box 4:

Bottles in fridge

Idiot box 5:

Supermarket map
Pop boxes in that map
Chips in that map
Paper towels in that map

Idiot box 8:

Map (or maps) used in the fred skit

The dildo is an advanced dupe I think.

Try the ‘Drilldo’?


its not that one…plus i have that one…if you look closely at the dildo you notice it is just the shaft…

It would be really helpful if you provided pictures.

well i would but since the videos are on youtube…i should think you would know what i am talking about if you watch the videos

I’m not going to watch the videos just to find a certain part just to find a certain prop which I should recognize.

fine -.- ill try to get pictures of the props…