Dash 9-44CW Train/Locomotive

-Check back later to see if I’ve posted a video of this yet. I’m working on one.-

Once again, I’ve made another train. No big deal. Tell me what you think of it.

This time, I’ve made a Dash 9-44CW, prototype can be found below.

Here’s mine.







Model: Dash 9-44CW
Livery: GRW
Weight: 204 US Tons
Prop count: 440
E2 equipped
Advanced lighting system
Fuel system
Detailed interior

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thats pretty goddamn awesome. and very well detailed

If someone had modeled this, I would have been impressed. The fact that he made it in-game… Wow.

Great work TBoy. Your trains never fails to amaze.

fuckin boss

Very good. The trucks could be more detailed imo.

I know I already said it before tboy, but I do believe TrainGODxx is still open on steam

are you going to color it to the bnsf color scheme?

Well its a beauty I’m trying to make a train with the LNER Apple Green Livery :).

You actually fucking got it to not crash the whole goddamn server?

I didn’t want to even get into that on this one because last time I did custom trucks they were about 125 props each, which caused the overall prop count to go up by about 250.

My goal for this one was to have it detailed, yet still be able to run on a server without causing lag, which I have accomplished almost flawlessly.

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Haha. Funny Black-Ice . . .

It actually runs pretty nice, I didn’t even feel any lag.