Dash Suit - Adv Tactical Movements

Hello web people sitting on their couches or chairs comforting cheap (like me)
This will be my first and perhaps last addon who publishes on Facepunch, why? I have no idea e_e

I worked long, long, long, long time in this Code, which covers about 400 lines, which made ​​me say when I finish … I did, I did!

**That is wondering!: **

Tired of those boring bullets battles, peu peu, eewww, booom catapluuum!
Well, with this suit that works as well as in the client server, you can do epic battles, such as Star Wars or etc …
That led me to make the idea of this addon, then, a game called Megaman, very simple, run, shoot lemons (“combustible lemon”)
And I thought, it would be amazing being able to move that way, as a “Dash” and break the sound barrier, eey, I could do that with lua, and from the December 4 (afternoon time for other things, would say, videos and publications which do not show you) until December 11 making this addon, because, the lua, being too complex for me, I made sure that would work well on a player, like a game online … and I do that, and here this test
This was the project that more time “expenses” and why I made many useless things in the past

Well, stop the press and see what the performance of my addon

As you will see the functionality is simple, you press our magic key (Alt) and a common key, and the suit has


Here are the download link,thanks for see…


On any bugs,report here

I like it.

adds a lot of variety to combat but the key binds are a little hard to hit, especially ctrl + alt + shift for the dropping move
what i would suggest is an optional entity that enables these movements or menu toggle or something so that the buttons can be simplified, space for jump, shift + space for jetpack, stand still to heal, ctrl in the air to drop etc
therefore it would be even easier to pull off these moves and make fights even more fluid

Do I need to do any binds?

No,just must have the CVAR “gzg_dazzer 1” activated,and the “binds” works

I agree with the needing an entity part.

I will ensure that next version has a menu, thanks for the suggestion: D

Oh wow.

This just looks amazing. I may have to mount this on my RP server (With a few tweaks of course so people don’t run around using it all the time.)

Occupy ALT 2011?

Seriously though, you shouldn’t do that. You should aim to not conflict with other addons.

Like what?
Take this key on my keyboard that is the least useful I saw him, except to walk slow, but for something I put the function “off”

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hehe, you want to read my code and try it online hehe

Another suit,that allows you “Fly,sprint,accurate faping”


It’s a bit over-powered. So much that it ties in with my other battle mods…
I think you should add more options which allows the disability of some abilities.

A “bit” overpowered? This thing is insanely overpowered, and should only be used by people who really suck at fighting.

Is this clientside or serverside only?

Just wondering.

The client can’t make people fly around.