"Dassa Home Run" Ellis smashing an infected in the face

includes the-dutch-guy’s edit


and my horrible one too


Getting rusty Stealth, the lack of face posing and hand placement is crap, the infected doesn’t seem to be reacting enough to the hit and the editing doesn’t suggest any movements, looks like he was just shot with a gun with Ellis standing next to him.

Very poor, dude.

Hu, isn’t he doing it wrong? I mean, you don’t smash like that :[

uh… This isn’t very good, sorry man. The lighting is nice but that’s pretty much it. The blood is just utter over kill. Even if the guy had an open wound on his head before Ellis hit him, there still wouldn’t be such excess blood. Getting hit by a blunt object, unless it was a very heavy blunt object, (like a sledgehammer), would only draw blood from their mouth or nose.

Motion blur wouldn’t hurt either.

The posing is just… Ugh. Ellis doesn’t look like he’s putting any strength into it at all. And the zombie just looks like he’s falling down… He looks as if he was falling and Ellis decided to go up and hit him in the side of the head before he hit the ground.

posing isnt really your best stea1th.

its all kinda awkward and as septok said there, he doesnt look like hes putting any strength.

yeah, stea1th you dissapoint me greatly.


He seems to be holding the bat pretty weird, too.

thanks guys, i know i messed up greatly on this.
thanks for the criticism :love:

Looking forward to see something great again.

The quote made me think of Jar Jar Binks. “Dassa home runses. Everyting is okeyday. WUBUBUBUBUBU”

Like others have stated his pose is awkward for hitting someone with a bat. I think I see what it was you were going for, but the end product ended up making him look like he’s got some mental issues.