Dat Jitter Doh

Tell me I’m not the only one seeing this. The viewmodel when holding anything, looks like Michael J. Fox on cocaine. My bolt action rifle’s individual parts are shaking and jittering around. This issue seems to coincide with the weird way shadows flicker across everything. I’ve got a decent rig, I’m playing current games on Ultra settings with no issues but this has been happening in the experimental for me since day 1.

Is this one of the polish things that’s obviously going to get fixed before baseline, or is it a bug I’m experiencing alone?

I get it aswell. Hopefully will be looked at but I guess it isn’t a high priority.

I’m sure it’s being worked on.

This is when you’re far far away from the center of the universe. Ultimately it’s a Unity bug, but we might fix it.

This is what I thought was the issue. But it’s not a Unity bug, really. It’s rounding errors. This is due to the floating point limit. There are some ways to fix it, I’m just not sure of them besides using doubles.

I also want to mention the issue that somehow the motion blur gets applied on the pick axe when holding it, at least it looks like that.

It kind of is a Unity bug. They could just offset everything in rendering… so the camera is at 0,0,0 right?

This happens every time I log in, no matter where I am. It almost looks like a form of screen tearing on my end. I tried taking a video of it on my phone, and it wasn’t quite as evident, which leads me to believe this might be more of a VSYNC thing and not as much a bug. I’ll try to post the video.

In the meantime, here’s a video where you can notice it a bit, this doesn’t seem as pronounced as what I see when I play, but it’s close. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnB0IKIr1eU

You notice it especially with whatever is in your hands, and the hands themselves. I don’t know how you guys could call it done, or even on par with Legacy without addressing it. I don’t have this problem with Legacy.

It’s a good thing they haven’t then???

You’re the first person to report this issue. How can garry address something he had not heard of prior to you bringing attention to it?

Please provide your system specs: CPU, RAM, video card, graphics driver version (xxx.xx for Nvidia, xx.xx for AMD)

The reason for me saying that, was Garry saying, “we might fix it”. To me, it’s a big enough distraction that I don’t think I would enjoy the game fully if it sticks around. I was trying to stress the importance.

It sounds and looks like it’s more noticeable for me.

AMD 6-core Fx-6100, 24GB Ram, EVGA GeForce 660ti Graphics card, graphics driver should be latest, I keep it up to date with the GeForce experience app. Not at my PC currently.