"Dat Tank" Tank standing on Dead Air 3 waiting for Survivors

Im just releasing this close-up because I was testing out some stuff I usually dont use.
How does it look?


Gotta love that lighting. The eye glow is too strong though.

Woah wait, a generic picture of a L4D2 character with jizz-tastic lighting? This isn’t you! WE WANT THE OLD COMBINE BACK.

<3, if it was 1920x1080 it would be my desktop backtrop.

Glad to hear that!
Atleast im on the right way, still not happy with the lighting so its going to change in my next pictures. They wont be boring close ups though so dont worry. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for commenting.

Look’s like a Charger Tank

Brb going to make Charger-Tank and Tank-Charger.

that lighting is terrible combine, too much exposure and the posing isnt great to boot


youve done better and you know it but lately its cool to put zero effort into things


so on that note good job and keep churning it out

Well I was just experimenting and stepping away from my old style.I guess thats the way to get better!Nothings gonna change if I do the same thing again and again and again. Chesty also told me that the highlights are simply too strong.


Thanks for your feedback RMS!

I don’t really see what’s wrong with the lighting.

Some people like, some people dislike

I’m the former :buddy:

I’m gone for one month and you are still doing 1 zombie stand picture!

I love how some things never change!

I like the lighting dunno why RMS its so upset about it :confused:

Haha I actually did soome interesting stuff for some time! This was just a small test.

I was serious too.

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