data/adv_duplicator won't....

Recently, I downloaded some mods from… and when the readme says something like “Extract bla bla bla to data/adv_duplicator”…I did all of that but when I got in-game, I can’t find ANY FILES THAT I PLACED IN THE ADV_DUPLICATOR. I couldn’t even find the adv duplicator thing on the right hand side when I pressed Q… Please help!

the files go into garrysmod\data\advancedduplicator
If you don’t see any folder in there about adv duplicator than reinstall it.

Also, make sure what you’re downloading is a text file, otherwise it isn’t an adv duplicator file.

If you can’t find it, try reinstalling it correctly.
If you got it with wire like I did, try completely deleting wire and use SVN to get it back.

Forgot to include this as well ; I think I made the data/adv_duplicator because there wasn’t a file for that when I bought Gmod 10


And when you mean re-installing that means deleted the file right?


What do you mean by using SVN? You mean the SVN tortoise? Because I think it’s harder using the SVN tortoise.


And I’m also new using the SVN tortoise


There’s also a whole bunch of files that include text. Could you guys give me an example of a addons file and a data/adv_duplicator file? please?

Text files are the duplications themselves. Search your Garry’s Mod folder for adv and delete anything with adv dupe in it, besides the dupes themselves (if you want.)

Then install Wire SVN with SVN.

The adv duplicator comes with wiremod.