Data corruption using RunConsoleCommand()?

Heres my issue: I used derma to make the client enter details upon connect. Lets say:
var1 = sternmin8or (LocalPLayer() player entity)
var2 = “text1”
var3 = “text2”
On the client, I printed and type()-ed the data. It returned as:

var1 ---------------------------var2(text)—var3(text)
Player [1][sternmin8or]-------“text1”---------“text2”

After that I used:
RunConsoleCommand(“command_name”,var1,var2,var3) to move the data to the server.
And this is what happened when I printed/printtabled the same variables serverside:

var1 ---------------------------- var2(text) --------- var3(table)
Player [1][sternmin8or]-----“command_name”-------- empty

How is this possible? The first parameter of RunConsoleCommand() is supposed to be it’s name, yet it ended up in my data. The only thing that actually made it through was the player (me). Am I using Run…etc incorrectly? If there is anything you want me to do to elaborate and help me help you please tell me.

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Post your full code so we can see the problem



loginbutton.DoClick = function()
	local ply = LocalPlayer()
	local name = (playername:GetValue())
	local pass = (playerpass:GetValue())
	print(ply,name,type(pass)) -- returns correctly
	print(ply,name,type(pass)) -- returns correctly

usermessage.Hook( "login_init", logingui )


function dattempt_login(user,name,pass)
	//rest of function, irrelevant
concommand.Add( "attempt_login", dattempt_login)


I suggest you re-read that. As you’re adding your serverside concommand wrong.

concommand.Add( commandName, commandFunction) is the syntax
concommand.Add(“attempt_login”, dattempt_login) is my code
I dont think its this

ps. If you need the full derma code so you can run it just ask

edit: oh I see crap…