Data Table Vars

I have been trying to user Data Table Vars. But I cant seem to set a DTVar on the client and have the server read it. is this possible if not why the fuck is SetDTInt shared

If you set stuff clientside, it only sets for you.

then why would you use it client side thats just dumb

Is there any way to do work on the client and send a vector to the server?

Server’s use the same vectors as clients. Clients only rely on what the server gives them :downs:.

Send it via a console command…
“_sendVec 123 23.4 345.6”

convert it back to a Vector on the server.

This is how the datastream module does things like this.

if it works like data stream wont it lag like datastream

datastream sends an acknowledgement usermessage from the server when CL>SV message starts being send, another one for each packet recieved, and another at the end of the message.

This isn’t needed really as concommands have in built acknowledgement and will always get through, so a simple concommand shouldn’t lag up anywhere near as much as datastreams do.