Data Usage From Hosting Your Own Server?

Does anyone have a solid idea about, erm, how much data self-hosting a Gmod server might use? I have a 300 GB cap, then again, I wouldn’t be running this round the clock, and probably wouldn’t have an extreme amount of players.

IIRC most/all hosts have a tensy tiny clause in their contract that basically says “Yep you aren’t allowed to host a server or we cut off your service.”.

Chances are it would do a number on your data cap if you do anything more than walk around and shoot each other.

Odds are they won’t do shit though. I ran a server from home back in 2009 with not a peep from my ISP.

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Depends on what you set your rates to and your player count and if you host the FastDL from home.

If your rate is 30KB/s then with one player you will hit 78GB a month (this is theoretical maximum if the player was on the server 24/7 and using all 30KB/s).

Most people generally only use 10KB/s-15KB/s though. So lets say 10-20 players if you only have them on a couple hours every day.

…this is just from hosting the server and not including anything else you do on that connection though.


Depending on whether or not your server gets big/draws attention you’ll also have to take into account that a home connection probably wouldn’t hold up too well when the DDoS attacks start to hit.

This info will also be handy for hosting on a vps, what te recommended about of bandwith a month?