Datapack generation

Is there a way to generate the datapack, without changing maps. For example, my server is running map, and I modify a lua file. Can I generate the new datapack before the map chanegs, so that I can upload it to my fast download server.

Right now the issue that I have is that if I make a small change to something, the map changes, the datapack gets regen’d but the clients don’t get it because its not on the fast download server yet. So then i have to download it from the gameserver and upload it to the fast download server.

Can haz datapack generate command? :cheers:

Good idea.

It already generates on map changes. You just need to configure your FastDL to use it.

Gbps he means is there a way to generate it before a mapchange so he can upload it to FastDL rather then wait untill after mapchange then having to upload it and mapchange once more so clients download it.

That would only work if he had something like what i have which is a live cache and fastdl all working with some nice http redirects here and there.

If you had something like that then you wouldn’t need to keep uploading the cache.

Mind explaining this a little further. The system I have is a separate game server and fast download server. I can’t use the gameserver as a fast download server. Explain your redirect system pl0x?

He probably has the web server (fast DL server) on the same box as the game server, such that the web server can “see” the game server files. Then the web server just has a redirect setup so that as soon as a change is made on the game server, it’s reflected on the web server.

Bad explaining much?

Wouldn’t it be possible to just set Apache’s WWW directory to the server directory?

Only if the web server and game server run on the same box.

Yeah, hence my original problem. What aristiri is talking about would be perfect though. Can this happen?

just host apache there also, and make an alias to the cache folder
and on the main one, redirect em to the gameserver’s box

If you’re saying host apache on the gameserver box, that’s a nogo.

Start up another instance of the server.

It’s a bit of a pain but it works pretty well.

Some gamehosts might restrict you to 1 instance.

Or not even give you control over it :stuck_out_tongue:
Only other option I could think of would be to clone your server locally and generate a datapack, but that’s a PAIN.

Azuisleet or garry, any thoughts on this?

This has always been a hindrance to me since I have to updating things when nobody’s on, else I piss my entire server off.

The way i have fast download setup is simple really.
I have subdomains linking to the cache folders which is hosted on the same server as the game servers.

Then i have the servers going to a fast download site which has all the typical folders like maps, cache, models, materials, sounds etc.

After that i have http redirects which lead the fast download to the locations needed to get the files.

I have the main server holding maps and all that externally to the game servers and only have the cache folder which is live for each server so theres a lot of redirecting here and there but it works great.

id realy like a funtion like GenerateDataPack() to manualy generate a new one, however it would only download for the players that joins after its been called ofcource.

The whole point is basically for fast download servers that are hosted offsite from the gameserver. So it would actually only take effect on the next map change. My thoughts on how this would work would be:

Lua code is updated.
New datapack is created
datapack is uploaded to the fast download server
map changes
clients download the new, now active, datapack

This allows people who host fast DL off the gameserver to make updates that are seamless.

The real reason for this is that the datapack breaks all clientside scripts when anything is updated, as opposed to before where only what was updated would break.

If some text in a weapon that no one but admins can get is changed, then the entire client-side gamemode breaks, as opposed to before when only the admin weapon would break.

a GenerateDatapack function or command would be fantastic


But it only works if you are hosting the fast download on the same box as the gamemode, and hence you don’t have the problem we do with updating.

Any word on this? Will such a function be implemented, or are we SOL?