Datastream failure on DeRP caused by "Clean Up Everything" on a Server. Prevention?

Hey guys. It’s to me, a very sad painful day.
Anyways, so I used Clean Up Everything, and it deleted the door owners. I restarted, deleted db’s, changed gamemodes, maps. Im outta ideas. Im already starting to backup everything and reset all the files, this is probably the only way to clean it, but I guess I have to do it.

Anyways, so is there a way to make “Clean Up Everything” a disabled function?
I don’t want any admin using it, by accident or anything, cause it’ll cause a big problem like so.

Any idea’s?

have you tried renaming server.db or removing DeRP (or whatever the folder is) from the data folder in garrysmod/garrysmod?

I’ve tried that, and by the DeRP folder in the data, is that clientside or serverside?
Cause i have logs serversided.

glon is broke, and datastream uses glon.

He didn’t say anything about glon, unless i missed it.

You’re really dumb Cubar, datastream uses glon

It’s fixed now i think :slight_smile: Well , I have seen a fix out there anyway

I hear there’s a patch.

Oh well, I never liked GLON, it has errors with many things. :expressionless:

I also have problems with damage, so im reinstallin my server.