People are telling me that my script is getting datastream errors. On the client, datastream is nil. There is no evidence of scriptenforcer blocking anything, and their gmod is up to date.

So what the hell? I’m testing this on my local server with a completely up to date version of gmod and it works fine. When people put it on their dedicated server, datastream decides to take a shit and die.

Any ideas what’s going on? I’m about to completely ditch datastream and just do my own user message system if it continues to be a broken piece of shit.

I did notice it getting update through HLDSUpdateTool. No idea if it actually broke though.

Also needs more info. What are you sending? Can we replicate it?

I’m just sending an array of integers.

The script doesn’t even load on the client, it just says datastream is nil so none of my hooks even work. There’s no serverside error.

You are requiring it on the client right?

I’m requiring it in shared, so yes.

You have to make sure to require it before any script that uses it, otherwise it won’t carry over sometimes.