DataTable warning

DataTable warning: player: Out-of-range value (356.988708) in SendPropFloat 'm_angEyeAngles[0]', clamping.

No idea what this error means, could someone explain?

It’s a retarded warning you get if you set the clients eyeangle pitch to an out of range value (iirc the range is -90 to 90)
Nothing breaks though, but that warning will spam as long as it’s out of range.

Ok thanks.

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How would i go about fixing this i cant seem to figure it out?

angles only go from -180 to 180 or -90 to 90. So don’t go past those. Or clamp them yourself.

There’s no way to fix it if you actually need the angles to be out of range though (CapsAdmin told me about this error when he encountered it while making his propeller engine, where it’s obviously necessary to have it out of that range)

Well it seems i have fixed my problem with **[Math.NormalizeAngle](**