DatMeg's Help and Support FAQ (V2)

[release]DatMeg’s Help and Support FAQ :dance:

I designed this to fill in the blanks in UberMesch’s FAQ thread, but it seems to have dissapeared…

If this FAQ does not answer your question feel free to make a new thread. Make sure you post your system specs (CPU, Video Card, RAM, Operating System, etc), describe the problem to the best of your ability and include screenshots (if possible). Using large fonts, caps lock, or mass punctuation do not help get your problem resolved any faster, so please refrain from using them.
If you are unsure of your “Computer Specs” get Speccy (It’s Free!) from www.piriform.com/speccy

[release]"How do I host a Dedicated Server?"
There is a nice entry in the wiki to help you with this: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Windows_Dedicated_Server_Setup
[release]"Garry’s Mod keeps crashing on my computer, even though it says I have the minimal system requirements"

These System Requirements are far, far to low for you to actually play Garry’s Mod.
These are more realistic requirements.


[release]"What is SVN? And how can I use it to get SpaceBuild or WireMod?"
Divran was nice enough to write up a guide to SVN using TortiseSVN and included the links to several of the SVNs. http://www.facepunch.com/threads/688324-Divran-s-SVN-Tutorial-Pictures-Included?p=13583073

[release]"Why can’t I do X in Garry’s Mod 9?"
You need to stop right there and take note that Garry’s Mod 9 is no longer supported by Garry, or the Help & Support Section. I would suggest you go buy Garry’s Mod for $10.

[release]"I’m hosting a server and I’m looking for a good Admin Mod."
I personally would suggest Evolve or Exsto over ULX or ASSMod. My reason being that they are up to date and more secure than ULX or ASSMod.
Evolve: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/940348-Evolve-Compact-and-sleek.
Exsto: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/937056-Exsto-Modular-Administration

[release]"I get an Error like:

The instruction at "0x13e35bd" referenced memory at "0x0d43b018". The memory could not be "read"

This error most often appears when you do not have enough Physical Memory(RAM) and/or Virutal Memory (Paging File)
You can sometimes fix this error by turning down your graphics settings. If they are already as low as they can go try adding 

 -dxlevel 81 

to the Start Up Options.
(Right-Click Garry’s Mod in Steam then Properties and there is a “Start Up Options” button)

[release]"I just installed Garry’s Mod after buying a new computer and my textures are all splotchy or black"
This has become a common problem, but is easy to fix. Add -dxlevel 81 to the Start Up Options. That generally fixes the problem.

[release]“My Toolgun isn’t working anymore” “The Spawn Menu is messed up” "Garry’s Mod worked yesterday but now it doesn’t"
Rename your garrysmod folder (Steam/steamapps//garrysmod) to garrysmodold, or something like that. Then start up Garry’s Mod and see if that solves the problem.

[release]"My Save Games don’t work anymore"
Saves have always been a bit of a problem. I would advise using Advanced Duplicator instead. If you are hard set on using saves you can try killing yourself in game, it sometimes works.

[release]"Why don’t Left 4 Dead maps work in Garry’s Mod?"
Left 4 Dead was built on a different Source Engine than Garry’s Mod so the maps are just not compatible.

[release]"I keep getting a “Unable to Shade Polygon Normals” error!"
You attempted to pirate the game, the game is only 10USD, go buy it already!

[release]"My game takes forever to load but it didn’t before"
Over time your collection of addons, scripts, etc will slow down Garry’s Mod. The fastest way to remedy this is to clean Garry’s Mod. (rename your garrysmod folder (Steam/steamapps//garrysmod) to garrysmodold, or whatever tickles your fancy.)

[release]"I keep getting a warning that Steam DLL isn’t worthy of our trust on line… Error"
Exit Steam (fully) then go to the Steam directory (default is C:\Program Files\Steam) and delete ClientRegistry.blob and then restart Steam.

Here is an example of a bad title:

Here is an example of a good title:

Here is an example of a bad thread:

Here is an example of a good thread:


[release]Spacebuild doesn’t work on my Linux server!
This is because Linux is case sensitive when it comes to file names.
This can be fixed by using the tool ‘convmv’, which can be downloaded from the repository.
Under debian or any debian-like os like ubuntu, the command for installing convmv is as follows:

apt-get install convmv

Now navigate to the garrysmod/addons directory and execute the following command:

convmv -r --lower --notest SBEP*

Credit goes to The Mad Man for finding this and the folks that figured it out here: http://www.snakesvx.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1110&view=print.

If someone believes I should add something feel free to send me a PM and I’ll get right on it.


Any fixes for the “Lump 8” errors?

DatMeg - potential fix for low FPS on DX10 compatible machines

-dxlevel 98

Seems to work seen as it forces a higher directx level than standard.

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The lack of lists of compatable video cards disturb me, don’t make me bring back up my list.

I could generate a range. But it generally comes down to the video RAM, except for the Intel cards, and those are just awful at game rendering

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Good, but I disagree on the system requierments thing. They are just fine, on my old, antique PC, it runs just fine on all settings max, except shadows (medium) and AA. Its not so much the system reqs. than the massive amount of addons people shit on Gmod with.

Delete your addons and gmod will run on your bloody microwave.

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