Dave #01 - The Birds



P good comic you got there. Will this be a series? I hope you expand more on the characters in upcoming parts.

Yeah, this’ll most likely be developed into a series, and with more information on the characters surely. :slight_smile:

Damn birds.

Whoa, I was really surprised, very enjoyable read.

Much better than the prototype version you showed me.

I see you took my suggestions into consideration. :buddy:

As to constructive criticism, there’s not that much I can really add, other than maybe rather than using the Combine Shield material on the glass when it runs into it, using some editing to emphasize that he ran into it somehow.

I’m hoping you keep up with the series. I want to see more of Dave trying to get those damn birds. :buddy:

I lol’d.

Those pigeons… Sinister awful pigeons. (Whimpers)

It wasn’t as predictable as I thought it would be, good job! Looking forward to the next issues!

Must’ve been a pain trying to pose all that without breaking that window.

Nice chuckle though