Dave's 'Realism Guy' SWEPs

So, I’m tired of the majority of the garbage that passes for SWEPs these days - and in light of Worshipper’s wonderful SWEP base being released. I’m putting together a SWEP pack with the highest quality I can muster.

Aiming for 50+ weapons in all eventuality, but I need your help! I need requests for specific models with their FPSBanana, or equivalent counterpart links. Remember, I am using Worshipper’s wonderful base - so you can expect high quality. :slight_smile:

I make sure all sounds, scripts, and what have you work beforehand, so every ironsight, every sound event, and even world models* will be properly oriented.

*For now I’m just using some LUA to orient the world models. I will eventually get around to recompiling them, but it’s not on my radar screen for the moment.

^^^ LUA Oriented model.

Just a few examples:


Just a few examples. Got finals this week, will do as much work as I can.

Thanks to…

*Various Artists who uploaded their work on FPS Banana
*Worshipper for the WONDERFUL feature filled SWEP Base
*Friends who have been testing these past few days.

Will try to release a pack when I have enough content.

Using Worshipper’s base for this is already proclaimed, “garbage that passes for SWEPs these days”; this isn’t disrespect to him or his work, but my point is that you’re just creating another weapons pack - only in this instance, using someone’s base. I suggest creating your own base or single concept for a weapon. Worshipper’s got his, I’ve got The SWEP Bases Project, and it would be more exciting to see you create your own, rather than mass produce 50+ typical weapons with “realism”.

The only mod to date, in my opinion, which has done a fantastic job with realism is SMOD: Tactical, and that’s a SourceMod, not a Lua addon SWEP package.

If you’re unaware of the mod, here is a HD demonstration of all of it’s well constructed weapons.

Generally the weapons’ game goes like this:

[li]If you’re creating weapons which shoot bullets, have a theme, and make multiple of them, and do it with professionalism if you’re wanting wide-spread success.[/li]or
[li]If you’re creating a weapon with one unique feature, such as the portal gun, focus your talents on solely that weapon, and refine it until you cannot any longer.[/li][/ul]

Hope you’re endeavor goes well. :smile: