Dave's Zombies BETA Server

Hi, are you looking for a server to come shoot zombies on? Do you want to help beta test a new gamemode? If you answered yes to either of those questions jion my server at My server is up and running and is working with the recent update!

Let me guess…DarkRP with zombies in the subway?

Super job OP, I had a real good time walking around cs_militia on sandbox with no zombies or players.

Added the server to my favorites, its fun like nothing else!

Sorry about that i guess it glitched or something i was on it be fore that and everything was working fine. I’m trying to fix the problem now.

Thank you, bro. I had nice time laughing here, thanks.

Take into regard the fact that Garry broke sv_defaultgamemode in his recent escapades, that was at no fault to the server owner =3

Garry just breaks things now, I think he’s afraid that if he dosn’t have shit to fix, he’ll lose his job…