Dawn of... Aeon?

Hurr durr, I got my skin working (which is the only custom skin I have on gmod atm) and just wanted to see if I could atleast do something half decent… I managed… almost. Creds to madmanmad to the whole furry-attacks-we-are-fubar’d idea.

Also, all my previous comics are gone, half of them were actually good :frowning:


I really couldn’t be bothered to do anything better

And 99% of you shmucks have no idea of who I am, that’s how old I really am

What? what is he shooting? mind telling us?

D:! die mother fugger? oh no.

Aeon need new skin right :D?

Now I want to know what happens to the guy.

AEON! I remember you!

I sort of hoped the giving creds to madmanmads furry invasion comic would’ve been a hint. He’s shooting at furries… which have already left the area to more… prospering hunting grounds.

Nex, that is my “new” skin :stuck_out_tongue:

… though the fingers are all messed up, you know basic.

Dunno, I guess I might just let madmanmad decide, I borrowed his idea so if I died, I died. If not then mr mad will have me in his comic, so his faith is in his hands. As of now I’m all outta comic making ideas for now.

And strangely enough I remember you aswell

I remember you from the good ol’ days of 07 when I actually made comics here (well, posed them) and you edited the screenshots for me.
Regardless of that, you’re pretty out of touch posing wise… How long has it been?

So whatchya’ll sayin’, that yall wanna battle for the title or summin’?

It’s been very long, AND I’ve never been good at gun poses, not bigger guns than pistols anyway.

Haha no, it’s just for fun. Imagine if like… Near or Auriga… or even… pwange (or joekr as he called himself later) came back… don’t think that’ll ever happen though. Haz for sure is till swaying between life and death but his comics are the most awesome… ever.

I had to double take when I saw an Aeon comic on the front page, but I’m glad you’ve decided to do something at last :v:

Good to see ya back dude

Either that or most of us don’t actually care any more.


I’ve not seen Auriga in like, a year. Same with Joker.
Also, I wasn’t just on about the gun posing, but hey, like you said, been gone a while, same here.