Dawn of Chernobyl




Are you korean.

holy mother of god
that looks incredible

My thoughts, exactly. Excellent job, OP.

low aa

Holy f*ck thats really good for a 12 year old!

Oh shit, that’s awesome.

This guy is ruining my logics omg.

The lighting is so cool…

Garrys mod idler? :wtc:

There’s much worst, Zoey got around 3500, aswell does Epic_Beast. :v:
Anyway yeah, that’s awesome, AND STOP STEALING MY JOKES BUBZ.

I’d say it looks nice but honestly, it doesn’t. I can’t see shit.

As much as I’d like to put him down for being younger than me, he’s done a pretty good job with it.
But for some reason it looks very identical to the scene from MW1 when they’re running around in ghilliesuits. I feel like I’ve scene that before.
Deja vu .__.

I bow down to this

The lighting looks pretty cool.

Minson97, could you please post the original pic?



There is barely any.
Three words then.
No filter rape.

He’s no new person to editing.

The fuck you talking about?

You know NOTHING of that word!