Dawn of the Furries - Episode #12

I finally got off my lazy ass and did this…

This is not an anti-furry hate comic and i have nothing ageinst furries, so please don’t start any furry flame wars in here.

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Fun Facts:
-There would have been more morning for dahlia if there wasn’t a whole citys worth of furries on our asses.
-Omolong is a bad father and we should throw stones at him :mad:
-Yes this episode is crap and not worth the wait, but atleast we are back on track again.
-The militery is on it’s way, hoorah.
-Obama isn’t the president in this comic becuase i wanted the president to be an idiot in this comic and i don’t think obama’s stupid.
-But what do i know, i’m not american.
-Oh silly me i almost forgot to mention amy rose in the fun facts, that would have been dreadfull.

“Just looking at the bright side man” Fucking awesome xD
And Omolong is behaving like a heartless bastard!

New episode :dance:

Great work, an awsome comic.

Hah, really nice.

Last one is epic xD Damn,this is freaking awesome Mad!!

Yay it’s out

Great as all its parts before… and about amy rose: your avatar is epic!

Great Madman! Do I have to give Gaina’s hat back? :saddowns:


Not Dahlia :crying:

Damnit, I died. …Ah well, atleast I can torture Gaina as a ghost for raping me.

Perverted Gaina ghost helper? Awesome!

Omolong is a bad father… Very bad. Heh heh. Great comic!

Let’s make ghostlove.

I had DM’s hat in the first scene with me in…

But anyway, I seem to be evil.

Awesome. Good to see more from DotF.

Rofl, omolong is so heartless!
Great work as always, looking forward to the next one :smiley:

Oh I’m just thinking it was me because in another comic I was reassuring Gaina’s hat. :downs:

You used the version of my skin. My newest one has 5 fingers.

So… Is this a proof that Gogi also is a ghost because apparently, they become blue-green as ghosts.
Also, fucking epic job with the Omlong DMGaina conversation! I love this serie.

Episode 5, frame 13: