Dawn of the Furries - Episode #3

A little longer than the last episode but not too much, i got tired so i thought i’d save the rest for another episode.

Thanks to DT for helping me get some animals from oblivion for more headhacks!

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Previous episodes:

Fun Facts:
-The deer head furry has no eyes.
-I downloaded a bunch of personal skins some of people i don’t even know just for this series (I need to put facepunhcers in facepunch city after all)
-Furrys hunt during the day, and breed during the night.
-These fun facts are still not fun.


Hah. Awesome.

What version of Office is that?

Awesome, by the way.

Haha another awesome one, and they are becoming more and more D:!

GREAT job! :slight_smile:

What map is that, and is Swine Flu a sly reference to me having it?

Agh I died. AVENGE ME!

madmanmad, when someone is bit do they turn into a furry or are they just brutally ripped apart?

Most furries will bite the victim and leave them alive to spread the virus quicker.

But then there is the other thing they do…that will be revealed later.

uh oh they don’t like rape people or something then a baby furry comes out their stomach like alien? Though that would be awesome lol.

I’d like to see more. Awesome.

They do become furries, watch the first two episodes and you will see ^^

Amazing comic btw! Im anxious to see the Facepunchers counter-strike.

I repeat.

Anonymous Facepuncher here.
I’m surprised at the lack of shortness, your series usually don’t last very long.
If you need a Facepuncher for DotF, drop me a PM.
Might be creating a new skin though, stay tuned.


Clicky clicky.

Santz i have read the first two episodes multiple times and the only person that changed into one was that guy in the hospital though we don’t know why he changed. yet

He got bitten, in the first episode before escapeing into the car.

A furrie bit him in the arm while they were trying to escape in the first episode, then he turned into a furrie :v:

Edit: Ninja’d =.O

My sudden obsession of beer…?

Remember kids, AA’s for quitters.

Striker seem so high in this comic :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait, its a Doe to be specific. No horns and boobs seem to be on it.